Saturday, May 10, 2008

More May Fun

We had a Dragonfly come to visit. That's lucky isn't it? Or is it just ladybugs that are lucky? I'm going with lucky because we really enjoyed the visit and we even got some pictures since it was quite friendly and took turns landing on each of us in a very social way.

We also discovered a new addition to our aquarium family! The crayfish that we once thought of as a mean bully turned out to be a mama defending her baby. She wasn't just snapping at the fish that came swimming too close to her castle. She actually caught a few of them and dragged them down to feast on them. We now know that she did it to insure that they didn't eat her newborn first. Doesn't seem like she's such a bully now that we have more info. She has been in the tank since last summer and was the only crayfish. So imagine our surprise when we discovered a little tiny crayfish walking around one night. Turns out crayfish can do that (thanks google!) Basically mamas can choose the right time to fertilize their eggs and some species don't even require a mate. Interesting critters they are, which led to very interesting discussions around here.

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