Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dental Day!

Yesterday Eric's tooth that has literally been hanging for weeks finally fell out. This is his first tooth for the tooth fairy so he was very excited. It really took a long time to come out in spite of many, many apples he has bitten into to try and "help it". The new tooth was already growing right behind it and is almost full size so he doesn't really look like he just lost a tooth! He was running outside playing while holding on to this tooth and I was worried he would lose it. I knew how upsetting this would be to him so I offered to hold it for him for safekeeping. The only problem is that within minutes I had LOST THE TOOTH! We looked all over for it but had no luck finding it. I got up early this morning and started the search again and found it. It was outside in the grass. Luckily it was in a small baggie or it would have been lost forever. Tonight Eric will put it under his pillow.

Just a little while ago Isaac had a baby molar fall out. At least the tooth fairy can take care of both with one trip!

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